State-Minimum Liquor Prices

We have a huge selection of spirits to browse! Variety is important to us, but reasonable pricing matters most. It doesn’t matter if its a bottle that’s hard to find or a brand you can always count on being in-stock.

TONs of Beers to Browse – Inside & Outside Our Beer Cave!

We do our best to carry something for everyone in our beer section. Every week we order newly released items and restock on everything else. Obviously, we carry all the names you already know: like Budweiser, Miller, Corona, Heineken, Bells, and much more… but we also have stuff you haven’t heard of. Flagship beers and limited releases by Michigan breweries, ciders, non-alcoholic beer, but that’s just our beers.

Like we said, something for everyone.

New seltzers, vodka-based waters, and canned cocktails just keep coming. We sort through the clutter to bring you the best. Through feedback from customers, sales reps, and our own observations, we’re able to maximize our shelve space by carrying what’s well-received and popular. Rather than carry it all, we carry what’s worthwhile and approved by others, ourselves, or both.

Champagne and Red, Sparkling, and White Wine for every occasion!

Wine is a go-to drink for some and to others something to bring to a gathering or party. We have affordable wines you can enjoy on any day and bottles for special occasions that are meant to impress. There’s a lot to learn about wine and that turns a lot of people off from it, even us at times. Our approach to wine is enjoy first, learn later. If you are drawn towards a type of wine or particular vineyard, dive headfirst. But if you simply like what you’re drinking, that’s more than enough. Its meant to be fun and, more importantly, enjoyed. We base our inventory off that criteria. No pressure. Nothing too fancy. Just good, reliable brands at all price ranges.

Bar Essentials for Beginners, Enthusiasts, and Professionals

Many, many things elevate liquor from good to great. Syrups. Juice. Tonics. Bitters. Ginger Beer. There’s a lot of room for creativity and fun to be had. You’d be surprised how much difference a few additions can make in your home recipes.